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Chevrolet Continues to See Significant Retail Growth in March

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2016 chevy malibu at dayton auto show

Chevrolet continues to make waves at retail, putting up considerable growth in both March and the first quarter of 2016. Chevy’s retail sales for March totaled 125,920 vehicles, up 6.8% from retail deliveries in March 2015. Chevy’s sales last month totaled 176,283 vehicles overall, up 1.4% year-over-year.

Through the first three months of the year, Chevy’s overall sales are down slightly at a total of 472,730 vehicles delivered. However, its sales at retail are up an impressive 10.3% at a total of 356,528 units.

The Malibu continues to be a major growth driver for Chevrolet, with a total of 22,058 Malibus delivered in March (up 33.3% from 16,552 Malibus sold in March 2015). At retail, Malibu sales were up 65%, helping guide the nameplate to its best first quarter since 1980. Of the Malibus sold thus far in 2016, around 85% are the new 2016 model, which tops its segment with a 24-day turnaround.

Sales of the new Volt contributed to a 191.9% overall increase and a 202% increase at retail, and sales of the new Camaro led to a 15.5% overall increase and 23% retail increase. Overall, Chevy’s car sales were up 8% at retail in March.

Chevy trucks and utilities continued to fare well at retail, up 6% for March thanks to a 44% increase from the Colorado, 54% increase from the Suburban, 29% increase from the Tahoe, and 2% increase from the Silverado. The Suburban posted its best March at retail since 2008, while the Colorado had its best retail sales in March since 2005. On the crossover side, Trax sales were up 39% at retail and Traverse retail sales were up 12%.