Chevrolet Tahoe History

Chevrolet Tahoe History

Chevrolet Tahoe History


In 1995, the Chevrolet Tahoe took to the full-size SUV segment like a fish to water, making a huge impact on the car industry. Even today, the Tahoe continues to make itself known as one of the last remaining full-size SUVs on the road, alongside its GMC sibling, the Yukon.

Early History

The Tahoe was first known to the car industry as the Chevrolet Blazer, changing its nametag to what we know it as today in 1995. In 2000, Chevrolet offered StabiliTrak stability control for the first time in the Tahoe, while also introducing the Flex Fuel engine in the 2002 model.

Recent History

While it was first only offered as the full-size version of the Blazer, the Tahoe now offers a variety of trim levels and powertrains, including a Hybrid option and a model built exclusively for the police force.

Chevrolet Tahoe Awards

Since its introduction, the Tahoe was named Vincentric’s 2011 Best Fleet Value in America. It was also the highest ranked in initial quality according to the 2013 J.D. Power Initial Quality Awards.

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