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Chevrolet Sponsors Special “Bonus Episode” of Judge John Hodgman

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Judge John Hodgman Bonus Episode sponsored by Chevrolet

Subscribers to the Judge John Hodgman podcast received a pleasant surprise yesterday when they discovered that a “bonus episode” of the series had showed up in their queue. Turns out, fans have Chevrolet to thank for the 40-minute, automotive-themed episode, “Livin’ That CALI415 Life” (which nonsubscribers can listen to here).

Stand-up comic and self-proclaimed automotive enthusiast Rhea Butcher appears as a special guest on the Chevy-sponsored show. A native of Akron, Ohio, Butcher helps the honorable Judge John Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse Thorn rule on such important matters as the tastefulness of vanity license plates, how to decide which person in a group of college students should drive everyone to the malt shop, and more.

Rhea also has several helpful suggestions for new car owners, namely “don’t go too crazy with air fresheners” and remember to get regularly scheduled oil changes. After being prompted by Judge Hodgman, she also provides an invaluable list of skills every new car owner should be able to do out of “basic self-respect and fun.” The list includes being able to put air in your own tires (meaning always keeping quarters and a tire gauge in your car), knowing how to change your own windshield wipers, knowing how to fill up your windshield wiper fluid reservoir, knowing how to close the cap on said reservoir, and having a basic knowledge of how much of your car’s battery is left.

Longtime fans will also enjoy the callback to the famous ruling that “a machine gun is not a robot,” when one fan writes in to ask if a driverless car qualifies as such.

Also, this episode reveals that Jesse Thorn’s first car was a Chevy El Camino, which he adorned with a vanity plate reading “CALI415.” Indeed, a rare lapse in good taste for the usually unimpeachable Mr. Thorn.