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Chevrolet Withdraws Woodward Dream Cruise Sponsorship

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The 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise is taking place this Saturday in Metro Detroit

The Woodward Dream Cruise has been an official part of the Detroit calendar since 1995, but the event has a history that is far older. Classic cars of all stripes make their way from around the country to the famous Woodward Avenue that runs through the heart of Detroit to show off, and Chevrolet has been the presenting sponsor since 2011. This year it was announced that Chevrolet would no longer be the major force behind the parade.

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This move is somewhat surprising, as Chevrolet has used the Woodward Dream Cruise in recent years as a way to get classic car fans up close to the bowtie brand’s latest generation of vehicles. Chevrolet was always highly visible, with Mary Barra bringing her own Corvette to cruise down the street and Chevy trucks waiting on the sidelines to rescue any cars that break down along the way.  It is very possible that providing all of this to the Woodward Dream Cruise was incredibly expensive, but we hope that Chevy continues to attend the event without being a main sponsor.

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The Executive Director of the Woodward Dream Cruise, Tony Michaels, praised Chevrolet for its years of support and hinted at an upcoming announcement of a new presenting sponsor. Rumors are swirling that the event was courting Chevy’s big American competitor, Ford, but with recent announcements of layoffs at the company we will see if the deal comes through. Regardless of who becomes the new presenting sponsor, we hope the Woodward Dream Cruise continues for years to come.

News Source: The Detroit News