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Chevrolet’s Olympic Ad Rebukes Russia with #TheNew Love

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The Olympics are well under way (with America currently sitting in fourth place in the medal count), which means that now is the perfect opportunity for automakers to advertise their products on a wider stage in front of an international audience. One of the biggest talking points (both addressed and unaddressed) is the host country’s treatment of LGBT citizens. Chevrolet’s Olympic ad, entitled #TheNew, focuses in large part on Chevy’s presence in a world that continues to evolve from a technological standpoint; its focus on “the new love,” however, is the clearest sign of Chevrolet’s stance regarding the rights of LGBT couples.

Francis and Cassius in Chevrolet’s Olympic Ad #TheNew Love

Francis and Cassius in Chevrolet’s Olympic Ad #TheNew Love

The John Cusack voiceover begins: “Like the old love, the new love starts with a kiss.” The video, which can be seen above, shows a clever proposal involving Google Maps, an abundance of heart emoticons, and—subtly and yet strikingly—a same sex couple jumping over a broom as part of their Cape Cod wedding ceremony.

What is particularly impressive about Chevrolet’s Olympic ad is the quickness of the moment. The rest of the ad addresses how we now define success, family, youth, and community in ways that encapsulate our diverse world and all of its beauty. #TheNew shows how we are all incredibly similar and diverse all at the same time.

Cassius and Francis’ wedding ceremony fits in seamlessly because their love is as natural as any other, and by not stopping to draw more attention to the issue of gay marriage rights or even the couple itself, Chevrolet’s Olympic ad makes clear that love is love and not something to be viewed differently.

Chevrolet’s CMO Tim Mahoney told Forbes: “Perhaps more than any other event, the Winter Games represents the global values that unite us. In this context, we saw an opportunity to extend the Find New Roads story by showing how Chevrolet is helping consumers try new things and break new ground.”