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Chevrolet’s World Cancer Day Ad Airs During Super Bowl

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Chevrolet’s World Cancer Day ad

Since the Broncos didn’t make last night’s Super Bowl too exciting to watch (our condolences, Peyton Manning), we turned to commercials for a source of entertainment, and they really seemed to be hit or miss this year. There were a few that were good for some laughs, but most hardly elicited a chuckle. It was the more moving ads this year that really stayed with us. Chevrolet’s World Cancer Day ad, in particular, was incredibly well done and held deep meaning for almost everyone watching, as we have all likely been touched by cancer in some way or another.

The 60-second spot, quite beautifully titled “Life,” aired during the first quarter of last night’s game to celebrate those who have survived the disease, as well as their supporters, and to give hope to those who are still fighting.

The ad encouraged viewers to change their social media profiles to purple, which is the color used to signify cancer survival. The purple profiles for Facebook and Twitter will be in abundance tomorrow, February 4, which is World Cancer Day. As part of the brand’s Purple Roads initiative, Chevy will donate a dollar to the American Cancer Society for every Facebook or Twitter profile turned purple, up to $1 million.

“With estimates that more than 100 million watched today’s game, we could achieve our goal with just 1 percent participation,” explained Tim Mahoney, Chevrolet’s global chief marketing officer. “Most of us, including many of our employees, have been touched by cancer in some way and this spot celebrates cancer survivors and those who support them.”

The ad in question features a man and a woman traveling along a road in a Silverado pickup, but Chevy was careful not to market the pickup at all. This commercial was all about the survivors, and our hats are off to Chevy for that.

Chevrolet’s World Cancer Day ad

The actors themselves have their own personal connections to cancer. The woman, Kim Rhoades, who is portraying a survivor in the spot, lost her mother to lung cancer while the man, Ted Mattinson, lost his grandmother to Hodgkin’s disease, with which he was diagnosed himself. After six months of chemo and another month of radiation, Mattinson was able to overcome the cancer.

Ane Brun, a Norwegian singer, provides the music for the commercial in her touching song, “Don’t Leave.”

You can view the whole ad below.

Chevrolet’s World Cancer Day Ad