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Chevy and IBM Watson Team Up to Provide Free Gasoline to Positive People

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Chevrolet has launched a new website that’s based on its “Find New Roads” slogan

People in select cities were offered free fuel if they posted positive topics on social media
Photo: © General Motors

Chevrolet has been using the “find new roads” tagline for quite some time now, but it was only recently that the automaker decided to launch a new worldwide movement that revolved around the inspiring slogan.

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With the help of IBM Watson, Chevy set up a new website, called the Chevrolet Global Positivity System, which evaluates the level of positivity that a particular person pumps out into the world. This site scans each participant’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and then identifies the most positive and negative posts that each person shared. In addition, each participant receives a positivity score that’s determined using Watson Sentiment Analysis capability. Participants also receive suggestions about potential activities they might enjoy based on their scores, which they can share on social media with their friends’.

Chevy recently put this new system to the test in three different cities around the globe. At gas stations in New Orleans, Buenos Aires, and Cape Town, people who visited were asked to take the positivity test using Chevrolet’s new website. Furthermore, Chevy provided free gasoline to each participant based on their scores, with the more positive people receiving more free gas.

People can take the test online by accessing the website with either their mobile device or desktop computer. In addition, Chevy will be bringing its traveling positivity pumps to additional gas stations throughout the remainder of 2016, so you might want to consider bringing up your levels of positivity on social media in order to get the most free gasoline possible.

“A positive, never-give-up attitude has been a driving force for the Chevrolet brand for more than a century and has motivated us as a team to turn the impossible into the possible,” said Chief Marketing Officer of Global Chevrolet Tim Mahoney. “We encourage people around the world to reflect on their own outlook by using the Global Positivity System and to consider the possibilities in their own lives.”

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