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Chevy Announces Theft Alarm Notifications for OnStar Users

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The OnStar Theft Alert Notification at work

The new OnStar Theft Alert Notification at work

Chevrolet has announced the addition of Theft Alarm Notification to the list of services provided to OnStar subscribers, allowing them to receive real-time alerts whenever their vehicle’s alarm sounds. The new feature, an enhancement of OnStar’s existing Stolen Vehicle Assistance service, will be made available to eligible subscribers later this summer.

The Theft Alarm Notification service joins Remote Ignition Block and Stolen Vehicle Slowdown in OnStar’s continually expanding suite of security features. OnStar subscribers can choose to be alerted via a phone call, text message, or email whenever their vehicle’s alarm system sounds (pro tip: choose the phone alert over the email—if someone is stealing your vehicle, that’s a call worth taking).

“Prompt response and quick awareness of theft situations give customers a greater chance to recover stolen property,” said director of Chevy Truck Marketing Sandor Piszar. “By leveraging the connection that OnStar provides, Chevrolet owners can remain in contact with their vehicle, even when it is out of sight.”

The Theft Alarm Notification system pairs nicely with the Theft Protection Package that’s available on Chevy’s full-size Tahoe and Suburban  LT and LTZ SUVs, which utilize interior motion sensors, glass breakage sensors, and an inclination/tilt sensor to sound the alarm if a vehicle is lifted off the ground, a window is smashed, or motion is detected inside the vehicle.

Chevrolet says that most 2014 model year and newer Chevys should be equipped to offer Theft Alarm Notification, but subscribers can confirm with their OnStar advisor whether or not their vehicle is compatible.