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Chevy Colorado Customers Have No Regrets

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Chevy today put out a feature on a set of Chevy Colorado customers, Albert and Ann Lorenzo, who recently purchased their all-new mid-size truck. Rather than drill us with numbers and figures, Chevy instead told a fun story about how the couple is taking to their new truck.

2015 Chevy Colorado customers

The 2015 Chevy Colorado in Cyber Gray Metallic

Ann told Chevy, “[Albert] knew he liked the size of a midsize pickup. Imagine his excitement when he found out Chevy was bringing the new Colorado out.” (We can imagine it, incidentally, because we had the same exact reaction.)

Interestingly, the Lorenzos are new to the brand. They traded in a Honda Civic when they purchased their new Colorado, and they are ecstatic about their decision. Albert does enough home projects—and they burn enough firewood—that he knew he needed something bigger than a sedan. He apparently had been borrowing his father-in-law’s truck regularly until his purchase.

But Albert also knew that he didn’t need a full-size truck, like the Silverado. Until the Colorado and the Canyon resurfaced, there weren’t too many viable options. (No offense to the Tacoma and the Frontier…okay, a little offense.)

The truck wasn’t just the perfect fit for Albert, however. Ann also praised the Colorado because she liked its “smooth ride and car-like handling.” And that 26 mpg fuel economy isn’t too shabby either.

Perhaps the most satisfied Chevy Colorado customers, however, are the Lorenzos’ two dogs, Beast and Crash, who love going for rides in the new truck.

Two satisfied (and hairy) Chevy Colorado customers

Two satisfied (and hairy) Chevy Colorado customers

“Our dogs love it when they get to go for a ride,” Ann said.

We don’t blame them.