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Chevy Continues “Real Volt Owners” Video Series

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Real Chevy Volt owners video

Chevrolet is continuing its series of videos that spotlight real Chevy Volt drivers, who discuss the way that the popular EV has fit into their life.

The first “Real Volt Owners” video spotlighted a woman living in California named Aleisha, who used the car’s electric powertrain to take her daughter to and from the beach. The latest customer testimonial comes from a man named Steve, who also appears to be located in California (a state where tax incentives and a plethora of free charging stations make EV ownership an especially attractive proposition).

Check it out:

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Steve praises the Volt’s styling, which is more conventional than many other electric cars, which often make the mistake of trying to look “futuristic.” He also says that by regularly charging his Volt so that he doesn’t need to use gas, he saves roughly $400 a month on fuel costs (which, kind of seems like a lot… must have been quite a commute).

Steve also praises the vehicle’s performance and handling as being better than what he expected from a plug-in hybrid electric.

Steve also says he has had “absolutely no problems” simply plugging the car into his garage charger every night so that it is ready to go the next morning.

Now that we’ve seen both a mother and a single man, it will be interesting to see what kind of “Real Volt Owner” Chevy chooses to interview for the next video in the series.

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