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Chevy Designed Bolt EV with Ride-Sharing in Mind

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Chevrolet made clear its intentions to be at the forefront of the sustainable vehicle movement this week by revealing its Bolt EV at the International Consumer Electronics Show. According to a company official, the new Bolt is also indicative of Chevrolet’s plans to be the first name in ride-sharing.

In an interview with Detroit Free Press, General Motors’ chief engineer for electric vehicles, Pamela Fletcher, stated that the design of the 200-mile EV was purpose-built for ridesharing, noting the ample interior space and the ease with which passengers can enter and exit the vehicle. This notion rather conveniently lines up with GM’s newly-struck $500-million accord with Lyft, with whom the automaker intends to build a fleet of autonomous vehicles for ride-sharing purposes.

Even with this purpose, the Bolt maintains its position as the first EV truly aimed at appealing to all consumers. The Bolt is likely to carry a price range at or around $30,000 after tax incentives, making it less than half the price of a new Tesla Model S.

News Source: Detroit Free Press