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Chevy Gets Into the Home Makeover Show Business with “Upgrade Me” Series

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Chevy gets into the home makeover show business with "Upgrade Me" video series on YouTube

Look out, HGTV: Chevy has made its entry into the home makeover show genre.

The bowtie brand just released four videos in a new YouTube series it’s calling “Upgrade Me,” which stars interior designer Kim Myles.

The videos are just like any other makeover show, but with two key differences:

  1. All of the camera confessionals take place inside of a brand new Chevy vehicle
  2. At approximately three minutes a piece, each episode is mercifully brief

And the runtime isn’t the only thing that’s small: all four episodes feature small rooms, which are being enhanced on a small budget.

It’s all part of Chevy’s strategy for marketing its lineup of small cars, such as the Spark and Sonic. In that same vein, the automaker has also put out a series of humorous bite-sized videos entitled “Small Victories,” and some Funny or Die comedy shorts starring Al Madrigal as the host of the faux-chat show “Small Talk.”

In the first episode of “Upgrade Me,” host Kim Myles tackles a seamstress/masseuse’s living space—with some (very conspicuous) help from a new 2016 Chevy Trax:

The second episode follows a similar structure, with Myles “upgrading” a woman’s rather dull bedroom.

Once again, she endeavors to create a space that reflects the occupant’s personality and interests (in this case, yoga is the woman’s primary passion).

Take a look:

The other two videos both feature couples: cohabitating musicians named Zach and Kath, and a comedian and photographer named Pap and Chichi.

You can watch these and other videos at Chevrolet’s official YouTube page.