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Chevy LOVA RV Uses Advanced Third-Gen High-Strength Steel

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Chinese Chevrolet LOVA RV preview

Chevrolet LOVA RV

General Motors announced that the new LOVA RV that launched in China last month will be the first to utilize third-generation advanced high-strength steel. The application of the lighter and more durable steel cuts the weight of its components by approximately 20%.


With an assumed 6-8% increase in fuel economy for every 10% reduction in body weight, this means that the LOVA RV is more efficient than it would have been using second-gen steel. Additionally, the third-generation high-strength steel is also 1,00 MPa stronger than other steels.

“Safety and fuel economy are two things that vehicle buyers worldwide have made a priority,” said GM China Science Lab Director John Du. “This has created the need for lightweight, strong and affordable materials.”

In 2011, GM China Science Lab joined GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center joint venture, Baosteel, and Tongji University to form a thinktank that would work toward practical and cost-effective application of Quench and Partition (Q&P) steels into GM vehicles. Research and development of the new, advanced steel tech was a collaborative effort between the GM China Science Lab, GM China Advanced Technical Center, and GM Warren Technical Center.