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Chevy Personalization Cruze Diesel Concept to Premier at SEMA Show

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With the car industry becoming more and more competitive, carmakers have begun to strive towards creating cars that can be personalized to fit the customers’ needs. Chevy’s Personalization Cruze Diesel concept, which will be introduced at the Las Vegas SEMA show November 5-8, allows for just that.

Personalization Cruze Diesel concept

The Personalization Cruze Diesel concept

The unique ground effects package created by 3dCarbon, along with an updated front fascia and a chin spoiler, reflects the Cruze Diesel concept’s athletic performance. Its 2.0-liter clean turbo-diesel engine has the capability of reaching 0-60 in 8.6 seconds, while also receiving 46 miles per hour highway.  The concept has the ability to travel 717 miles on a single tank, better than any gasoline powered car out there.

On the interior, the upgraded sound system features Kicker Audio components and a lighting package that creates a certain unique ambiance.

Be sure to check back to the News Wheel late next week to see what the SEMA show has to offer!