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Chevy Prices 2017 Bolt at Exactly $30,000 After Federal Tax Rebates

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Chevy Bolt


Way back when Chevrolet first announced that it was working on its long-distance, affordable electric vehicle, it promised that the Bolt would be about $30,000 after applying the government tax credit.

Well, as a prediction, that couldn’t be more correct, as Chevrolet has announced that the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt, revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show, will be priced at $37,500 prior to tax credits, putting the final total cost of the Bolt at exactly $30,000.

Unfortunately, though, this doesn’t give us any more information about the Bolt itself, beyond details given out at the CES, so we still don’t really know any details about its powertrain, or very much about the car’s features.

We do know, though, that, at the same price level, the Bolt has more than double the range of (almost) any other EV at around $30,000. The closest two EVs in cost are the Kia Soul EV and the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive, with the former coming in at $31,950 MSRP and the latter at $41,450 MSRP (both before the government tax credit), and both have a normal electric range of around 90 miles (although the B-Class Electric does have an extended range mode that boosts it up to 107 miles). And as for range, no EV at the moment can reach the same range except for the Tesla Model S, beginning at over double the cost of the Bolt at $69,900 MSRP.

The good news is that Chevy is slated to reveal more about the Bolt at the Detroit Motor Show.

News Source: Car Scoops