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Chevy Releases Statement about Kurt Busch Suspension

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The bowtie brand has released a statement about one of their drivers

Following a Delaware court’s ruling that racecar driver Kurt Busch “more likely than not” smashed his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll’s head against a wall, NASCAR suspended Busch indefinitely for “actions detrimental to stock car racing.” Now, Chevrolet has also decided to part ways with Busch indefinitely, with the automaker releasing the following statement earlier today:

 Chevrolet has suspended its relationship with Kurt Busch indefinitely. We will continue to monitor the events surrounding Mr. Busch and are prepared to take additional action if necessary.

The whole story is sad and bizarre (Busch not only denies that any abuse took place, but also claims that Driscoll is a trained assassin), and the fact that Busch was convicted in a civil rather than criminal court has led some supporters to argue for his innocence and sign a petition to have him reinstated to the sport.

But in the aftermath of the NFL’s fumbling of the Ray Rice incident, all professional sports leagues—including NASCAR—are taking issues of alleged domestic abuse very seriously. So too, it seems, is Chevrolet.