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Chevy Sees Best Retail Sales for September in Nine Years

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2017 Chevrolet Malibu Performance

Chevrolet sales may have reflected a 0.3% year-over-year decline last month with 170,237 units sold, but its retail sales were more strongly indicative of a successful September campaign. Chevy’s retail sales totaled 135,448 units, up 0.9% year-over-year and good for the brand’s best September retail performance since 2007.

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A large number of Chevrolet vehicles experienced strong months overall. Sales of the Malibu increased yet again, up 26.1% with 21,521 units delivered. Sales of the Cruze rose 8.4% at 15,216 units delivered, sales of the Colorado increased 41.6% at 10,383 units delivered, sales of the Tahoe increased 64.3% at 10,051 units delivered, sales of the Trax rose 38.9% at 8,526 units, and sales of the Suburban rose 58.3% with 5,575 units delivered.

Another notable performance came from the Camaro, which was up 25.4% year-over-year with 6,577 units sold. Most importantly, this marked the first month that the Camaro outsold the rival sixth-generation Ford Mustang, signaling that it is primed to reclaim its spot at the top of the muscle car hill.

These vehicles all saw comparable levels of success at retail, with the Malibu up 50%, experiencing its best September since 1980 and highest year-to-date total since 1981; Cruze up 6%; Colorado up 54%, achieving its best September since 2004; Tahoe up 44%, seeing its best September since 2007; Trax up 31%; and Suburban up 37%, also achieving its best September since 2007.

Other significant gainers include the Corvette, which was up 6% and had its best September since 2006, and the Volt, which was up 117%.

Chevrolet gained 0.3 percentage points of retail market share in September, bringing its total to 11%. Chevy is still the industry’s fastest-growing full-line brand, and it has gained share points in eight out of nine months in 2016.

Through nine months, Chevrolet’s total sales are down 4% at 1,531,912 units, but retail sales are up 2% at 1,190,614 units.

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