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Chevy Spotlights “Real Volt Owners” in New Video Series

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2017 Chevy Volt owner Aleisha stars in "Real Volt Owners" video

Chevrolet has really turned into the Holden Caulfield of automakers, evidencing a strong dislike for “phonies” in its various marketing campaigns, which include the “Real People, Not Actors” series of commercials and the newly launched “Real Volt Owners” videos.

The bowtie brand’s fidelity to real customer reactions is bad news for professional actors, but good news for real people—including Aleisha, the real live Chevy Volt owner profiled in a video released today.

Take a look:

The video seems to be geared at west coast drivers like Aleisha, who could potentially benefit from California’s tax incentives for electric vehicles and plethora of free charging stations (some of which are conveniently located right on the shore).

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This video also highlights the Volt’s ability to run on pure electricity. Aleisha says that she still hasn’t paid for gas since buying the vehicle seven months ago, opting to reenergize the Volt at no-charge-to-charge stations like the one featured in the video.

Aleisha’s daughter also does a good job of marketing the Volt to the crucial 4-5 year old demographic, by praising the plug-in hybrid vehicle as being “like an airplane!!!,” and also by claiming that the money drivers save on fuel costs can be spent on slushies.

Come to think of it, that’s not just a good sales pitch for kids, but for everybody. Seriously, who wouldn’t want more money for their slushie slush fund?

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