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Chevy Van Rolls Easily Past One Million Miles

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William Brotherton Chevy Van

That van looks pretty good for 39
Photo: Brandon Thibodeaux

When shopping for a new car, everyone hopes that their ride is ready to go the distance. Texas attorney William Brotherton seems to have made the correct choice when he bought his 1976 Chevrolet G10 van, which recently celebrated its 39th birthday and passed one million miles on the odometer.

Nicknamed “Ole Blue,” the van still runs well with its original six-cylinder engine and transmission. Brotherton bought the van in Atlanta for $3,600, and has taken it around the country on his many adventures, working on the railroads as a brakeman and other odd jobs. During part of the van’s history, Brotherton actually slept in it, outfitting it with a bed, curtains, icebox, and carpeting to serve as insulation.

According to William Brotherton, his car has been in every one of the lower 48 states, Mexico, and Canada.

As he settled down, got married, and had children, the van continued to serve his family and take them on many vacations. He tells the Wall Street Journal that his grandkids actually fight over who will get to take the “Rolling Memory Machine,” on its next adventure. A van this old is bound to have problems, but according to its owner the worst that has happened is a flat tire, a great testament to GM engineering and manufacturing.

We hope that all of our cars live to be at least half as awesome as Ole Blue.

Source: The Wall Street Journal