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How Does a Chevy Volt Powertrain Work? Let an Engineer Explain

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how does a chevy volt powertrain work?

Fascinating stuff, right here.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “how does a Chevy Volt powertrain work?” No? Well, neither have we, but apparently someone out there has – specifically YouTube user d55guy, who filmed over thirty minutes of footage featuring himself disassembling the Volt’s battery pack, motor, inverter, and more. [ Click here to watch the videos ]

The results are surprisingly engaging, and if you have any interest in how stuff works, we recommend checking it out. In the first video, our host spends 23 minutes looking inside the electric drivetrain. In the second short, he spends nine minutes looking at the motor, gearbox and inverter.

Both videos begin with one of those standard “Do Not Try This At Home” disclaimers, which is probably pretty good advice. This guy claims that he is a mechanical engineer who has been doing this kind of thing for a while, and we are going to take his word for it. So unless you have similar experience tampering with expensive and potentially dangerous equipment, you should probably adhere to the old adage of “look but don’t touch,” and just watch the video to vicariously achieve your dream of ripping apart a Chevy Volt.

However, he does say at the end of the second video that he is looking for help on getting the Chevy Volt inverter communicating, so if you have a background in computer science, this could be your chance to team up with d55guy and become an unlikely YouTube star in your own right.

See the videos here