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Oh, a Chocolate-Covered Audi TT, For Some Reason

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We are only five days removed from Halloween, which means we are officially 100 days away from the only holiday more terrifying than All Hallow’s Eve (if you’re single, that is): Valentine’s Day. We figure that’s about all the lede we need to set you up for this ridiculous chocolate-covered Audi TT.

Good god. Somebody call up Tay Zonday. (That’s a bit of seven-year-old Internet humor there for ya.)

Granted, it’s hard to call the result of Belgian chocolatiers Joost Arjis’ efforts a thing of beauty. Covering an Audi with 27,000 pieces of chocolate really only results in…well…something that looks an awful lot like a car that’s been covered in chocolate.

Chocolate-Covered Audi TT

Chocolate-Covered Audi TT

It does, however, bear more than a little passing resemblance to the character portrayed by Wil Wheaton in the movie Mr. Stitch. (There’s a bit of 19-year-old Sci-Fi Channel humor there for ya.)

The chocolate-covered Audi TT was designed for the 24th International Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium, which ran from October 17th to 26th and featured such other wonders as fully interactive gopher holes.

Chocolate-Covered Audi TT

Because art.