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Chrysler Group Sets Donation Record for Mittens for Detroit

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Chrysler Group employees collected a record 35,000 new pairs of gloves and mittens for Mittens for Detroit.

Chrysler Group employees collected a record 35,000 new pairs of gloves and mittens for Mittens for Detroit.

This year, employees at Chrysler Group spent four weeks collecting new, unused gloves and mittens for the charity Mittens for Detroit. In total, the employees donated 35,000 pairs, a record by a long shot for the charity organization. In fact, since the charity was founded five years ago, it has collected, purchased, and dispersed 55,000 pairs of gloves and mittens, meaning that in four weeks, Chrysler Group employees donated more than 60% of what the organization has raised in its entire five year lifetime.

Mittens for Detroit is known for “warming hearts, two hands at a time.” The organization distributes the gloves that are donated to 13 partner agencies throughout Detroit. Among those agencies are Alternative for Girls, The Children’s Center of Wayne County, COTS, Covenant House of Michigan, and Michigan Veterans Foundation. The charity also chooses to benefit special projects every year. This year, those projects include the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Detroit Public Schools Homeless Program, and Operation Get Down.

“As a Dodge Challenger fan, I was excited to work with the Chrysler family on this year’s Mittens for Detroit campaign,” said Erin Cummings, who is an actress and also the founder of the organization. “The generosity of the Chrysler employees has surpassed all hopes and expectations that we had going into this and I am honored and humbled that Mittens for Detroit can be a conduit of so much good. After such an outpouring of support, I can promise that I’ll only be driving Chrysler cars from now on!”

Brian Harlow, the head of NAFTA Manufacturing for Chrysler Group and United Way Co-Chair, concluded, “Employees are passionate about achieving and delivering what we promise, both on the job and in the community. For this, I personally thank each of you, 35,000 times.”

Kudos to everyone at Chrysler Group for this amazing project.