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Chrysler Group’s Second Quarter 2014 Net Income Announced

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Yesterday, Chrysler Group’s second quarter 2014 net income was announced at a hefty $619 million. That’s a 22 percent leap from the second quarter of 2013, when the company netted $507 million.

As for the entire first half of the year, Chrysler Group managed $1.1 billion in net income, which is up an impressive $696 million from the first half of last year.

Chrysler Group also reported that its net revenue for quarter two of 2014 was $20.5 billion, again signaling a better year than 2013. In fact, net revenue was up 14 percent over last year, when the group netted $18 billion.

Net revenue for the entire first half of 2014 was reported at $39.4 billion, compared to $33.4 billion back in 2013 for the first half. Chrysler Group cited the Ram 1500 pickup and the Jeep Cherokee as the main drivers of the improvement over last year.

2014 Jeep Cherokee | Chrysler Group’s Second Quarter 2014 Net Income

2014 Jeep Cherokee

Finally, Chrysler Group reported a Modified Operating Profit of $985 million for the second quarter, up from $808 million in quarter two of 2013, marking a 22 percent increase.