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Chrysler Signs On as an Official Sponsor of “Sesame Street”

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The partnership will also include a series of co-branded videos starring the residents of Sesame Street and the Chrysler Pacifica

Honestly, we prefer the Countmobile

For decades, humanity’s greatest philosophers and scholars have been perplexed by one ever-present conundrum: how does one get to Sesame Street? Well, if you ask Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the answer is behind the wheel of a Chrysler Pacifica. In fact, Chrysler recently announced its status as an official sponsor of Sesame Street.

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Ever since the series’ origins in 1969, its sponsors have included several large and influential companies−and viewers like you, of course. Now Chrysler is joining the ranks with its sponsorship of the latest seasons of Sesame Street.

“Partnering with Chrysler will help us extend our reach in new and creative ways, and support Sesame Workshop’s nonprofit mission to help kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder,” said Steve Youngwood, Chief Operating Officer of Sesame Workshop. “We’re thrilled to work with a brand that stands for a deep commitment to families and children.”

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One of those new, creative ways to reach families is a series of 10 co-branded videos that launched earlier this week. These videos will star both the felt-lined residents of Sesame Street and the all-new Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.

The first four videos in the series have already been released, including a segment named “Listen, Drive, Surprise!” In the video, the denizens of Sesame Street break off into two teams to participate in a competition that involves listening to instructions on how to operate the Chrysler-branded minivan.

If Grover can parallel park, then you should be able to

By following the instructions, the teams learned to complete a pre-driving checklist and parallel park−a skill that even many adults don’t possess. According to host Guy Smiley, the winning team would receive a special surprise!

The teams consisted of Grover and Bert both driving separate Pacifica models. Grover had the Count and Cookie Monster tagging along and stopping for snacks, while Bert’s journey was hindered by his best friend Ernie’s ridiculous checklist.

The gang’s all here

You can watch the videos in sequence by starting with the first segment below:

If you’d rather not watch four videos of puppets piloting Pacificas, then spoiler alert: the surprise is a surprise party. We haven’t been this shocked since the ending of The Monster at the End of This Book. 

Truly, the most gripping narrative of our generation
Photo: Little Golden Books/Sesame Workshop