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Chrysler’s PacifiKids Take Over Dealership to Sell All-New Pacifica Minivans

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PacifiKids Take Over

Chrysler’s PacifiKids took over a dealership to help sell the brand-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivan

Minivans are the ultimate family car. So what better way to sell a family car than with children? The newest 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivan advertising campaign does just that. Recently, the Chrysler brand’s PacifiKids—a group of children who know everything there is to know about the Pacifica—took over a California Chrysler dealership, pitching the brand-new minivan to 12 unsuspecting families.

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“Kids today are influencing their parents’ purchasing decisions more than ever, from the clothes they buy, to the music they download, to even the cars they buy. And kids love minivans,” said Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Car Brands for Fiat Chrysler North America. “So we thought, why not let children, the ones who are informing those major family purchases and for whom the Chrysler Pacifica is specifically built, take over a real FCA dealership for one day to show moms and dads why the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is the best vehicle for their family.”

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During the two-and-a-half days the PacifiKids took over the dealership it transformed, offering a fun balance of work and play. When the doors opened on September 14th, the PacifiKid receptionist was ready to greet the families. There were toys on desks, colorful walls, and plenty of bean bag chairs to sit in. The biggest attraction—besides the Chrysler Pacifica itself—was a huge ball pit with a slide leading into it.

This hidden-camera interaction is the first part of a six-week long digital and social campaign for the 2017 Pacifica minivan. This campaign allows families in Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York to enter to be eligible for a one day “Field Trip” to videotape their experiences with the minivan. These families will also be entered for the chance to win an all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. To enter this contest, just visit