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Clever Instagram Quiz Discovers Which Hyundai SUV Is Best for Users

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Hyundai Instagram Quiz Find perfect car

Social media is only as intuitive its users. To many people, Instagram is just a neat way of sharing pictures of food and lattes with artsy filters. But to visionaries, it can be used in bold and unusual way–including advertising.

Hyundai Motor America’s ad agency Innocean USA invented a clever use of Instagram to promote the automaker’s SUVs. With the use of 18 separate Instagram accounts and almost 400 different images, Hyundai created a “quiz” to help users discover their ideal SUV.

Discover Which Hyundai SUV Is Right for You

Beginning at the Instagram handle @Hyundai_Quiz_Start, users are presented with a question (example: “If you could skip work and jump on a plane right now, where would you go?”). The nine choices given are represented by nine different pictures. As you select one of the nine images you’re presented with, you’ll be taken to a different Instagram account with new questions and new pictures.

Eventually, the results of the “quiz” will reveal which Hyundai SUV suits you best–the Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, or the Tucson. From there, you can learn more about the model that interests you.

Users don’t need an account to take the quiz–which is also available on Twitter.

The internet is full of personality and lifestyle quizzes, but Hyundai’s approach to using Instagram is certainly unique. While it might not be the most exciting quiz you’ve taken, it certainly gets points for ingenuity. Give it a try!