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Connecticut Launches Four AV Pilot Programs

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Stamford, Connecticut
Photo: DanTD

Though Americans continue to express divided opinions about self-driving vehicles, Connecticut is initiating test pilots in four of its communities for this technology.

The state has forged a task force for the purpose of furthering autonomous vehicle (AV) technology and incorporating it into daily life. This group is comprised of lawmakers, researchers, lawyers, and state department heads.

State Senator Toni Boucher, co-chairwoman of the legislature’s transportation committee, articulated a positive outlook for the pilots. “There are so many benefits.” She also voiced confidence that AV technology would get past its current obstacle of American hesitancy. “People were skeptical about the debit card we now use every day. I think [driverless cars] are in the same stage now. People are just thinking about the problems.”

Stamford is one of the cities that has applied for one of the pilots. The programs will test mapping and installation of the GPS infrastructure that AVs rely on for navigation. If Stamford secures one of the pilots, it plans on testing out autonomous shuttles around the city’s transportation center. Though, the city is still tweaking the details as it waits approval for the program.

Connecticut hopes that driverless transportation will be a future norm for many of the state’s routes. AVs could become the common mode of transport for elderly and disabled residents needing to get to their doctors’ appointments. It will likely become popular for working professionals, as well, since they could use their laptops to knock out some projects on the way to their workplace.

We anticipate more details as Connecticut unrolls its four self-driving vehicle pilots.

News Source: Transport Topics