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Cool GM India Headquarters Wins Praise for Coolness, is Cool

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GM India Headquarters Gurgaon

One thing that helps keep employees motivated is a warm and easily-embraceable office culture, particularly one that doesn’t feel oppressive or tedious. This is a vital facet of any office space for a company that employs so many young people, and it’s one that General Motors India seems to understand well.

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GM India’s Gurgaon headquarters is a colorful, vibrant, and lively place that has been named one of the 16 Office Spaces in India So Cool That You’ll Wish You Worked There. This particular award was bestowed by, a website whose name suggests that they would definitely be the kind of page that would have 13-word award titles.

The Gurgaon HQ was also recently the focus of a feature story on, where it was lauded for being “a car manufacturer’s office that actually looks like a car manufacturer’s office.” That’s pretty meta.

Speaking of meta, the Gurgaon offices are so cool that we wrote about them right here. In fact, if you are reading this, then you are reading an article that both reports and perpetuates the coolness of that particular office. Whoa.

The Gurgaon office has an open-desk policy that allows employees to sit wherever they please so long as they follow the first-come, first-served protocol. It has several automotive-inspired accoutrements, informal meeting places, and a foosball table. That certainly sounds better than most other office environs, unless you’re one of those types who hates fun.

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