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Cop Issues Tickets by Mail, Uses Private Car to Pace Other Drivers

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David Clark Mailed Speeding Tickets

Officer David Clark sent speeding tickets through the mail after pacing speeders with his own car

Checking your mailbox is tough enough as is. Because it’s typically only full of junk mail and bills, there really is no exciting side to doing so. And for a few unlucky Texans, checking their mailbox had an unwanted surprise—a speeding ticket.

Houston Police Department officer David Carter was recently put under investigation for sending speeding tickets to drivers via the United States Post Office. While this isn’t exactly the greatest practice, it would be kind of understandable if Carter was actually determining speeders in a proper, legal manner. But that just wasn’t the case.

Instead of issuing tickets to speeders he finds on the clock with a radar gun, David Carter instead would pace the speeder in his own private car. After doing so, he presumably took the car’s license plate number to find the registered owner, sending the speeding ticket to the address listed on the registration.

While there are a variety of problems with this, the major one—besides the fact that the speeder was not stopped at the moment he or she was speeding—is the fact that there is no way to prove that the speeding driver is the registered owner. For instance, one driver claimed he was out of town at the time and there is no way to prove he was in the vehicle.

Hopefully, next time Carter goes about issuing tickets, he’ll think things through first.

News Source: KHOU News