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Corvette Z06 Fire Extinguisher Package Costs $17,160

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If you can afford to drop $80,000 on a brand new Vette, you’re probably not much of a budget car shopper. But even the biggest of big spenders should balk at the cost of the new Corvette Z06 fire extinguisher package, which is listed online as costing $17,160.

Corvette fire extinguisher package price

That better be one really nice fire extinguisher

A Jalopnik reader named Matt Sitler noticed the outrageously priced fire extinguisher when he was on the Chevy Build Your Own Vehicle site. However, it should be noted that the product’s description says that the item contains “432 pcs,” so if you actually get 432 individual fire extinguishers, that would be a more reasonable $39.72 per extinguisher. Oh, and it also “includes mounting hardware,” which has got to be worth a few grand in and of itself, right?

Unless GM thinks its customers really need 432 fire extinguishers (and maybe they do…), it would seem that this is some sort of screw-up with the website. That would explain why the last time we checked, the fire extinguisher option has been removed entirely:

Corvette fire extinguisher package

No Corvette fire extinguisher package in sight

Oh, so we either had to buy 432 fire extinguishers for our Corvette or else we couldn’t get a single one? You drive a hard bargain, Chevy…

News Source: Jalopnik