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Could Nissan Introduce A Wagon In America?

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Renault Talisman Estate

It’s pretty much an understood fact that American car enthusiasts have been making noise about wanting more hatchback wagons in the United States. Every time a new wagon is unveiled in Europe or Asia, several voices pipe up to ask if it will ever make it to our shores. Well, I would like to join the chorus of people asking Nissan to bring the newly unveiled Renault Talisman Estate to America.

I mean, just look at it.

Nissan currently offers a hatchback Nissan Versa Note, but then the fifth door doesn’t enter the picture again until we start talking about crossovers like the Nissan Juke. Several other American brands, like Ford, offer slightly larger hatchbacks for drivers who are looking for a family car but need the space for their gear. Owning a wagon allows drivers to have the fuel efficiency of a sedan and the sedan’s stately profile, but the hatchback makes the car versatile. Trunks can carry a lot, for sure, but when it comes to tall items, weirdly-shaped items (looking at you, bikes), or long road trips with precious cargo, wagons give you just that much more room to take a ride from cramped to comfortable.

Nissan is always talking about the Renault-Nissan Alliance, and how it allows the two companies to share engineering ideas and designs. I’m with the team on AutoBlog this time around, who believe that the Renault Talisman Estate would make an excellent Nissan Maxima wagon. Maybe this time we will be heard, and a new wagon will finally hit the highway in the United States.

News Source: AutoBlog