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Country Fried Southern Pride Parade Goes Horribly Right

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Confederate Flag Parade Pickup Truck Crash

In light of recent events, there seems to be a nationwide consensus that the Confederate flag, America’s most controversial second-place ribbon, is an offensive symbol of racial hatred and oppression. And it’s not just the Yankees and carpetbaggers who are saying it, this time.

NASCAR and South Carolina’s governor are in agreement about the rebel flag’s toxicity; unofficial spokesman for the South Dale Earnhardt Jr. has publicly stated that the flag “belongs in the history books;” and even them Duke Boys have given their trusty General Lee a more progressive paint job.

Alas, there are still some people out there who believe in the stars and bars forever. Those people, perhaps unsurprisingly, drive lifted pickup trucks through Georgia while flying the Confederate flag, in a sort of Southern Pride Parade.

That’s what happened this past weekend in Dalton, Georgia, when a permitted and police-approved parade of 35 pickup trucks waving rebel flags suddenly went wonderfully awry. Fortunately, the whole thing was captured on video.

It takes a while to get to the good part, and there is plenty of NSFW language (and a very annoying dog) along the way, but trust us… it’s worth the wait:

“God don’t like ugly!” gloats the man who captured the hilarious wreck on video, perhaps sensing that the crash was some sort of divine retribution from above.

Since being posted to LiveLeak, the video has gone viral on reddit, where the top comment cleverly notes that, “The South’s insurance rates will rise again.”

It’s definitely the worst thing to happen to a line of redneck vehicles since Early Cuyler’s Truck-Boat-Truck-Boat-Truck-WaveRunner was repossessed.