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Creative 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Commercial Criticizes “Square” Cars

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2016 Honda Civic Coupe Square commercial

Today Honda debuted a weird little commercial for the 2016 Civic Coupe. Titled “Square,” the 30-second spot contrasts the coupe’s curvy styling with the surreal, boxy world it inhabits.

Check it out:

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The commercial seems to take place in a terrifying dystopia in which everybody looks like the Blockheads from Gumby and they all drive Kia Souls and Scion xBs. Even the ad itself is initially presented in a square format, before the black bars on the left and right sides expand outward to reveal the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe in all its widescreen glory.

In a twist-ending worthy of The Twilight Zone, a handsome, non-square man gets out of the Civic and hands the keys to a clearly impressed valet. Will this valet even know how to operate a car that has a circular steering wheel? We may never know—the commercial ends instead with a blocky child running over to look at his reflection in the coupe’s curved exterior.

“Once again, we’ve bent the rules,” concludes Honda spokesman Fred Savage’s voiceover.

In addition to the new commercial, Honda will run print ads declaring “Curves are Better” in magazines including Car and Driver, Road & Track, Autoweek, Motor Trend and Automobile.

“The bold styling and dynamic performance of the all-new Honda Civic Coupe have reset customer expectations for the compact car experience,” said Susie Rossick, Honda’s Assistant Vice President of Marketing. “Our new campaign visually represents how the Civic Coupe is breaking the rules of conformity.”

Honda also announced today that it will be building the world’s very first crowd sourced stunt track, soliciting suggestions for the track from Facebook and Twitter users with the hashtag #CivicDreamTrack. Every fan whose suggestion actually gets used in the making of the stunt track will receive a social media “shout-out” from Honda. The #CivicDreamTrack, which will debut on Honda’s social media channels in mid-June, will be used to show off the Civic Coupe’s performance capabilities.

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