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Creepy Ex-Boyfriend Sergio Marchionne Swears This is the Last Time He’ll Talk GM Merger

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Sergio Marchionne


FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne said this week that he has abandoned his plans for a merger with General Motors. For real. Like, seriously. He means it. No more of this merger talk. For at least another couple of weeks or so. But he’ll definitely stop calling. But he just can’t get GM’s smell off of his clothes, you know, and that kills him.

Marchionne has been floating the idea of pursuing a merger with GM for months, even after General Motors CEO Mary Barra came right out and said that the company was not interested. Marchionne told journalists this week that he was unable to find partners to aid him in his quest, but went so far as to state that he feels consolidation is “unavoidable.”

“We’ve had expressions of interest from more than one party over the fact that they were interested in pursuing the discussions,” Marchionne said. “We had to make a choice as to whether they offered us enough of an upside to engage.”

That jilted former boyfriend/girlfriend who continues to send you text messages that just say “Hey” or “Can we talk” or “I miss u” months and months after you broke it off? That’s Sergio.

General Motors, meanwhile, is trading at about $30 a share thanks to a raised 2016 profit outlook. Seems like it’s doing just fine on its own.

News Source: The Detroit News