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Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s 2014 Corvette Stingray Awarded to Woman with Cancer

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If you’re a NASCAR fan, you probably either love or hate the Earnhardt family. Despite your personal feelings on the competitive racers, however, it’s no secret that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has done his father proud in his continued legacy on and off the track. (Perhaps his crowning achievement was this Knight Rider spoof, but we can’t know for sure.) The latest cool thing to come from Little E was a car giveaway. In particular, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s 2014 Corvette Stingray, because, you know, he only needs a car for one year and then he’s done with it; it’s time for a 2015 model.

Wendy Smith won Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s 2014 Corvette Stingray.

Wendy Smith won Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s 2014 Corvette Stingray.

But, of course, he was giving it away for charity, selling raffle tickets for $25 a pop. Appropriately, 8,888 tickets were sold (Earnhardt Jr. drives the number 88 car), raising $225,000 for the Earnhardt Foundation, which benefits underprivileged people, with an emphasis on children.

But it was one lucky woman who purchased just one ticket, Wendy Smith, who ended up taking home the 2014 Cyber Gray Corvette Stingray this month. Smith never thought she had any chance of winning, but instead just saw the raffle on Facebook and decided that it was for a good cause.

Smith told her local news station, WITN, “I figured even if I didn’t win the car—there was a second and third place to meet him at a race so even if I didn’t win the car—I still would have given money to his foundation, which is for kids.”

Smith herself is a two-time breast cancer survivor and is currently battling breast cancer a third time. “I don’t know that being sick makes you any more deserving than anyone else,” she commented. “But it’s certainly been a blessing. And I’ll take it!”

Upon picking up the Corvette Stingray, Smith got to meet Earnhardt Jr., who took care of all taxes and other fees involved. Unfortunately, Smith believes her family will need the money more than the joyride, so she plans to sell it—but not without having a little fun first, of course.

News Source: WITN