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Which Dash Cam Should I Buy?

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Dash cams used to be complicated, costly, and hard-to-find; but today, hundreds (maybe thousands) of high-quality dash cam varieties are available to drivers at affordable prices, making the decision “which dash cam should I buy?” a difficult one, at best. Here, we’ll discuss the features you should look for and recommend a few of our favorites.

What should I look for?

Which dash cam should I buy? Video quality: Video quality makes the number one spot because it’s probably the most important feature. A good video quality will allow you to read the other guy’s license plate number in order to verify his identity, or read street signs in the camera’s view to prove the location. Be sure your camera shoots in high definition (720p or 1080p), can record in any lighting condition, and features a wide recording angle.
Which dash cam should I buy? Discreetness: Drivers tend to opt for discreet cameras to avoid theft. The smaller the better, and if it can mount behind your rearview mirror, even better. We also recommend opting for a black camera, as it will blend in better than brightly colored cameras.
Which dash cam should I buy? Reliability: Be sure to check out reviews before you buy. Beware of issues like sensor burning, blurry pictures, and recording stopping/pausing unexpectedly.
Which dash cam should I buy? Other important features:

  • Power adaptor with length of 11 feet or greater, which will allow you to discreetly install the wire around the windshield instead of letting it hang straight down.
  • Most dash cams today have no gaps between videos; make sure this is true of your camera as well.
  • Skip the LED lights. Some cameras have LED lights to improve night recording, but these are usually more of a hindrance than a help. The light usually isn’t bright enough to provide much assistance, and instead creates even more of a glare off the windshield. Make sure that if your model has an LED, you can turn it off.

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Recommended Cameras

These cameras are our favorites for getting the most bang for your buck:

Which dash cam should I buy? On a budget: The G1W can run you anywhere from $52 – $65, and its video quality is the best you’ll find in this price range. It performs very well in the daytime and acceptably in the dark.
Which dash cam should I buy? Middle of the road: The Mobius offers great video quality, is tiny (making it one of the most discreet on the market), and boasts great ratings in quality and customer support. The Mobius will run you anywhere between $85 and $90.
Which dash cam should I buy? Top-of the-line: If you want the best of the best, opt for the $220 Vico-TF2+. This dash cam offers excellent reliability, very good resolution, and impressive day and night visibility.

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