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Dash Driving App Easily Improves Your Driving Experience

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Dash App Improves Driving

The Dash app improves driving significantly, providing drivers with information about diagnostics and driving habits

There are millions of apps available that supposedly help improve your driving experience. Ranging from apps that help you find the cheapest gas, to those that make it easier to drive hands-free, the options are endless. But Dash just might be the best.

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Dash is a driving app that works towards making your car not only smarter, but also greener, safer, and more affordable. Do you have a used car that was made after 1996? No worries. The Dash app makes it easy to stay connected out on the road, turning your older model into a tech-savvy machine. All it takes is an on-board device (OBD) and the Dash app.

Once the app is installed, it instantly turns your smartphone into the type of touchscreen you would see in much newer vehicle. Through Dash, you can track your vehicle’s performance and save a lot of money. It can give you updates on your driving efficiency, and save you money on gas by finding the cheapest gas station near you. Dash even keeps track of your car’s diagnostics to ensure your vehicle gets the care that it needs, reminding you when it is time for its routine maintenance.

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The app works with a variety of partner apps that make it easier to stay connected. These include home-oriented apps like Nest and SmartThings; automotive apps like Vinli and Edmunds; and social networking apps like Twitter and Facebook. With Dash, it doesn’t matter if your vehicle was made before touchscreens became a standard feature—all you need is an OBD and the Dash app and your car is just as innovative as the newest models at the dealership.

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