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Dashboard Cam Catches Unexpected Pedestrians with Im-peck-able Manners

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Ducks Crossing The Road

It’s not “Why did the chicken cross the road?” anymore!
Image: YouTube

Dashboard and GoPro cameras are quickly becoming the “in” thing. Drivers around the world are using them to record their driving habits with some even creating incriminating evidence of their speeding, like this speeding Canadian motorcyclist. While these cameras typically focus on recording a car’s performance, one graced the world with a level of cuteness never before achieved.

A driver in Russia caught a duck and its ducklings crossing a busy road. While you might think this is an everyday type of duck crossing, which are cute in itself—if not a bit of an annoyance—think again. The Mama duck leading her ducklings showed off some impeccable road-crossing skills. You might even say she is better than some human pedestrians are!

Not only did she look both ways (multiple times) before crossing the street, but she used the pedestrian crosswalk, too. She even waited until the car with the dashboard camera was fully stopped before crossing!

This is one duck that is definitely not bird-brained.

Check out the cute, safe pedestrians here: