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De Nysschen Says Cadillac Prices Will Remain Competitive

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Johan De Nysschen Says Cadillac Prices Will Remain Competitive

Johan de Nysschen says Cadillac prices will not drop.

In July, Johan de Nysschen stepped down as Infiniti CEO to join Cadillac as President. De Nysschen has been credited with turning Audi into a serious luxury automaker, competitive with the big boys like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. It is hoped that the man can do it again with Cadillac, which aims to compete directly with German automakers.

To be taken seriously as a competitor of German luxury carmakers, Cadillac prices have been bumped up. Of course, this has led to an immediate dip in sales (5% this year through August), but De Nysschen sees this as both inevitable and necessary. He told Automotive News, “We cannot deny the fact that we are leaving behind our traditional customer base. It will take several years before a sufficiently large part of the audience who until now have been concentrating on the German brands will find us in their consideration set.”

So while Cadillac may lose some of its former customer base (presumably to Buick, would be GM’s hope), it plans to gain a new customer base from those pesky Germans by providing quality products at similar pricing points.

In a nutshell, don’t expect Cadillac prices to drop anytime soon, but also, if you’re rooting for the brand, don’t beg for them to do so either.

News Source: Automotive News (sub. req.)