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Deciphering the Mysterious Button on the 2017 Toyota RAV4

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2017 Toyota RAV4 button

Weird button on the 2017 Toyota RAV4
Photo: My Dream Car

If you are the proud owner of a 2017 Toyota RAV4, you might be addicted to the efficiency and all-wheel-drive attributes of this rewarding compact SUV. You might also be confused about what the small triangular-icon button on your dashboard actually does.

Users have reported that nothing happens when they press the button while driving the vehicle. Is this a second hazard button to press in case the first one doesn’t work? Does pressing the button signal a secret intelligence team at Toyota that you need roadside assistance?

Staying true to Toyota’s characteristic value of cutting-edge technology, this button definitely serves a useful purpose. But the 2017 RAV4 must be parked, to activate this feature effectively.

Bird's Eye View - Toyota

Bird’s Eye View can make your life easier.
Photo: My Dream Car

If you press this button while parked, the touch screen display activates the Bird’s Eye View feature. Using four highly-sensitive cameras, the technology provides drivers with two different views of the car’s immediate environment, to increase safety while parking or backing out of a narrow space.

The first view is a top-down view of the vehicle’s immediate surroundings. The second view provides the driver with peripheral details except from an inside-the-car perspective.

Bird’s Eye View is useful for avoiding pesky light poles or your mailbox when backing out of your driveway or a parking space. It’s also useful for quickly knowing just how close to the curb your car is when parking on the street without straining your neck to obtain this same information.

Enjoy applying your newfound knowledge by starting to use this button in your 2017 RAV4 next time you need to extend your line of vision.

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