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Detroit-Based Guitar Maker Uses Wood Salvaged from Chevy Truck Plant

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The wood, obtained from GM's Fort Wayne Assembly Plant, will be used in a line of custom guitars celebrating 100 years of Chevy truck production

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Motor vehicles and music combine in this exciting collaboration
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Detroit is a city famous for its contributions to both the automotive and music industries. Sometimes, the citizens of Detroit even find ways to incorporate a bit automotive culture into the Motor City music scene.

Take Wallace Detroit Guitars, for example. The guitar provider’s latest line of premium instruments utilizes wood salvaged from a GM truck plant.

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Of course, the truck plant wasn’t located in Michigan at all. On the contrary, the salvaged wood actually came from GM’s Fort Wayne location in Indiana.

The re-purposed wood in question is long grain maple. Maple is usually utilized in making acoustic guitars. However, the guitars produced by Wallace Detroit Guitars are electric, which generally use mahogany or ash. Therefore, the company’s custom guitars offer a sound and tone that are quite different from your usual electric ax.

Fort Wayne Assembly Plant

The wood used for the custom guitars was obtained right from the heart of Chevy’s truck production

Wallace Detroit Guitars didn’t obtain the maple wood needed for the instruments on their own. Rather, the group worked with Chevrolet to acquire the materials needed. Wallace Detroit Guitars previously made a line of guitars using materials from the Cadillac Stamping Plant.

According to Wallace Detroit Guitars founder Mark Wallace, the idea behind the new guitars was to celebrate Chevy’s 100-year legacy of truck production.

“Chevrolet is a foundational element in the story of Detroit,” Wallace said.

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The guitars in question have been released under the “Chevy Fort Wayne Plant” collection. Each custom guitar is priced at $3,800.

To learn more about Wallace Detroit Guitars, watch the video below:

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