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Detroit Residents Stock Water-Filled Hole in Road with Fish

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You know what’s bad to have in your street? Holes. However, for the people of a certain Detroit neighborhood, a measly little hole is the least of their worries. The hole in their road is four feet wide, 15 feet long, and a few feet deep, and it has been there for years.


San Jose Pothole

Pfft. Pipsqueak.
Photo: Joe Carpenter

According to city officials, the hole came about two years ago, when a gas utility company dug the hole, covered it with a temporary patch, then later removed the patch and never returned.

Naturally, the people of the area were bothered by the cavernous hole in their road, especially when a nearby water main broke, filling the pit with water.

So, since they practically had a pond in their street anyway, and since the Detroit Water and Sewarage Department had shut off the water, the people on the street stocked the mini pond with fish, ranging from carp and goldfish to bluegill.

Tropical fish

Snorkeling lessons to come, pending a second broken water main

Yvette Pugh, an area resident, told Fox 2 Detroit, “My husband, he’s a fisherman, he put them in the pond. We let them swim, we take care of them, we feed them. It’s relaxing, its solitude, and people come by watch the fish swim.”

There is no word yet on whether the neighborhood will offer (very short) boat rides in their unique little pond, but the attention garnered from the fish has the Water Department inspecting the hole and considering what to do next.

Construction Workers

Geez, I dunno, Rob…Well, I’ll just try using nightcrawlers
Picture:Elvert Barnes

News Source: Fox 2 Detroit