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‘Disruption’ Ad for the Civic Type R is a Weird Hodgepodge

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In a dark future where Robin has his own tower.

Honda is trying to invigorate excitement about the Civic Type R after debuting it at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and with just about a year to go before it hits the market. Their best method for doing so? Apparently, a bizarre advertisement called ‘Disruption’ that seems to draw its influences from everywhere from Blade Runner, Dark City, and Underworld to Akira, Kill Bill, and Dead Space.

The whole shebang starts off with a smiley, happy family loading a bunch of gear into the back of their utility vehicle. It’s a serene if not fairly generic moment, and Honda knows it well. In their press release, Honda calls it “the most generic car film you’ve ever seen,” which is why they break it up with one of the most bizarre car films you’ll ever see.

Don’t feel like watching it for yourself? That’s fine. Honda’s presser describes a good deal of the thing for you in full detail (emphasis mine):


Come at me, bro.

The mood shifts and everything becomes R-rated. We see a man with the red ‘R’ in his left eye looking out with binoculars over a futuristic neon cityscape as storm clouds brew in the sky. Predator wolves linger in an abandoned warehouse, we see their evil bioluminescent eyes from a distance as a heavily tattooed man confronts them, full of rage. A second man wearing a geometric golden mask then walks down a fluorescent lit dark hallway, draws back a large hammer before slamming it into the bust of a Greek statue.


An unexpected MF Doom cameo?

As we build to a climax a bolt of lightning strikes a speed camera, which bursts into flames. A woman in a motorcycle helmet slams a samurai sword into a spinning geometric shape in the middle of a dark room. Just before the blade hits, we see the ‘R’ image within the shape’s surface. The shape shatters into a million pieces.


Isaac, you have to destroy The Marker.

So what does any of the surreal imagery in ‘Disruption’ actually have to do with the Civic Type R? Hell if we know, but at least it’s a full continent away from generic. Does it make us any more interested in the Type R? Not necessarily, but it definitely makes us want to go watch Blade Runner.