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Do You Need a Jack Stand for Car Repair?

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do-it-yourself car mainetenanceWhen you need to repair something underneath your car, you need to have enough space to move your hands and swing your arms. If the main purpose of using a jack is to suspend the vehicle high enough off the ground, a jack stand’s primary role is to support your car while suspended as you do the repair underneath. Some people would probably ask why you need a jack stand while car repairing if there is another way to support the vehicle. Read this article and you will find out why.


What is a Jack Stand?

Jack stands are tripod- or tower-shaped tools designed to support a vehicle’s weight when suspended. They are positioned under the vehicle axle or frame to provide additional support for the elevated vehicle. The jack stands are positioned after you jack the vehicle up. These stands can be used on hard and level surfaces and for cars that are within the weight capacity of the stands.  

In choosing jack stands, you need to consider your car’s weight and the maximum height it can achieve. The height is expressed in inches and the weight in tons. Jack stands are usually sold in pairs and are used with floor jacks. The height capacity ranges from 13 to 25 inches but there is some up to 6 feet. The weight capacity varies from 2 tons up to 25 tons.


Why You Need a Jack Stand When Repairing a Car

Some people may use cinder blocks instead of jack stands when repairing their car for two reasons. One, they do not have enough budget, and two, they have this misconception that cinder blocks are strong enough to handle the weight of their car. Have you seen a martial arts expert breaking cinder blocks with their hands? This only proves that cinder blocks can crumble if significant weight is placed on them.  

Cinder blocks are designed for a uniform load that is distributed evenly, which is why they are used in building houses and big structures. This does not mean that they can handle the weight of your car. The weight is distributed over a huge number of blocks. Also, the cinder blocks used in building houses are strengthened with rebar and then filled with concrete to add more strength.  

Others use a milk crate to support their vehicle while suspended. If it does not crush right away under the weight of your car, a minor jostle can cause it to collapse. These crates are designed to carry items as heavy as milk, not to carry the weight of a truck or car. Do not wait for something horrible to happen before you understand the role of jack stands when repairing your car.


Final Words

Jack stands are designed to support the weight of your vehicle. Before buying one, consider the two important factors mentioned above, the height and weight. If you purchase the wrong jack stands, they might not be effective in providing their purpose.

So, the answer to the question of why you need jack stand while repairing your car is simple—they will keep you safe as you complete the repair underneath your car.

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