Dodge Avenger History

Dodge Avenger History

Dodge Avenger History


The Dodge Avenger was first introduced to the North American market in back 1995. Since its initial introduction, the Avenger has had a spotty track record in the car industry, taking a hiatus for seven years from 2000-2007 before finally returning and establishing itself as a contender for the Dodge brand.

Early History

The history of the Dodge Avenger is a spotty one: it began in North America in 1995 as a two-door coupe manufactured in Normal, Illinois. After being discontinued in 2000, the Avenger returned to the car market with a vengeance as a sedan in February 2007, replacing the Dodge Stratus in the American carmaker’s lineup.

Recent History

When the Avenger was first reintroduced in 2000, it was a two-door coupe with two simple trim levels—the base, Highline, and the ES. Now, the Avenger is a four-door sedan that offers three different trim levels and a variety of powertrains.

Dodge Avenger Awards

  • 2013 USAA Best Value/Mid-size Sedan Award Winner
  • 2013 USAA Top 10 for Teens Award Winner
  • Strategic Vision’s 2012 Toyota Value Award for Most Improved Brand
  • Ward’s 10 Best Engine’s for 2013

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