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Dodge Sponsors Motley Crue: The Final Tour

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Motley Crue: The Final Tour

Recently, ‘80s glam rock stalwarts Motley Crue announced that their upcoming 2014 tour would be the band’s last. To allay the cynicism of anyone who went to see the Kiss Farewell Tour in 2000 (Kiss will be out on tour again this summer, having toured nearly every year since 2003), the members of Crue all got together and signed a death pact that guaranteed they would break up at the conclusion of their tour with Alice Cooper. Dodge will be the primary sponsor of Motley Crue: The Final Tour—which begins in July—they they have not signed any kind of death pact with the band (as far as we know).

“Whenever I talk to people about Motley Crue, the common thread is how cool and relevant the band remains even after 33 years,” said Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO, Dodge Brand, Chrysler Group LLC, in a press release. “This irreverent ‘staying power’ resonates deeply with the Dodge brand as we turn the corner on our 100 year anniversary. What better way to celebrate the band’s final tour and the 25th anniversary of ‘Kickstart My Heart’ than to do it together?”

It is entirely possible that Kuniskis then stepped out from behind his podium to reveal that he had been wearing skin-tight pleather pants the entire time, produced some lighter fluid and a lit match, and set his leg on fire whilst throwing up devil horns. It is entirely possible, but not at all likely (we certainly can’t get any sources to confirm it, anyway).

The aforementioned Motley Crue tune, “Kickstart My Heart,” has featured in three commercials—entitled “Uncle,” “Dream Job,” and “Engine Note”—for Dodge’s Charger and Challenger muscle cars. For dates and information on Motley Crue: The Final Tour, visit their website.

So let us know: do you plan on rocking out when Motley Crue: The Final Tour stops near your town? Do you plan on teasing up your hair and donning your leather pants?