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Dodge Viper Could Get Axed in 2017

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2016 Dodge Viper ACR Price Announced, Orders Opened

Production of the Dodge Viper could end by 2017

It seems that every year, there’s a new Dodge Viper added to the carmaker’s lineup. In 2013, we saw the all-new SRT Viper during the New York International Auto Show; this year, we got to see the incredible Viper ACR. While Dodge seems to be introducing new Vipers at least once a year, it’s possible that the supercar won’t be available after 2017.

In a recent report from Bangshift, based on the FCA/UAW contracts posted by The Detroit News, the Viper could possibly be “built out” in 2017 with no plans of a version after the fact. The Viper’s factory, Connor Avenue, has been close to shutting down for years, so the possible end of Viper production could be a sign that the plant will close for good.

One of the major contributions to this rumor surrounds the Dodge Viper’s lackluster sales. In September, only 49 Vipers were sold, while there were only 40 sold in August. Though there were 63 sold in July, making for a successful summer, the Viper hasn’t been as popular as Dodge considered.

Fiat-Chrysler has made no comment on the rumor of the Viper’s demise, but it’s possible we’ll hear something soon.

Photos of the Dodge Viper:

News Source: Bangshift via The Detroit News