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Dog Dumps Chevy Truck into Lake

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Yorkshire Terrier - Jack Jack

This tiny terror could be plotting to destroy your car
Photo: Thai Yin

When you’re a parent, you take care in choosing the time-out corner in your home. It has to be near you so you can hear or see what’s going on, but turned away from the TV or other forms of entertainment. After hearing this story out of Maine, you’ll put the same amount of thought into where you put your dog when they misbehave.

A man was walking his Yorkshire terrier near Branch Lake this past weekend, when the canine had a bit of a tussle with another dog. The Yorkie was put in the truck to think about what it had done while the man continued to talk with friends. What the Yorkie’s owner failed to notice, though, was his jerk of a dog driving his truck into the lake.

According to the police, the dog bumped the Chevrolet Silverado into gear (they reported that the truck could shift without the brake being applied), and it rolled into about 10 feet of water. Altogether, the truck traveled about 75 feet and ended up completely underwater. Check it out below.

Thanks to Dave’s towing and Ryan for swimming out and hooking up the cable. A dog took a truck for a wild ride. The dog was saved by a family friend. No one injured.

Posted by Ellsworth Police Department on Saturday, September 26, 2015

According to the police’s comments on Facebook, the truck owner’s friend was responsible for rescuing the dog from the truck before the cabin filled with water. A towing company has since removed the truck from the lake. There is no word on what new punishments await the tiny terrier, but we bet they will be somewhere far away from a motor vehicle.

Source: Gawker