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Don’t Leave These Items in Your Car When It’s Extremely Cold Outside

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After a long commute or an errand-run in cold weather, it’s totally understandable that you would want to get inside your warm home as soon as possible. But don’t rush out too fast or you’ll leave items in your car that definitely should NOT be left behind when the temperatures drop dangerously low.

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Your medication is most effective when it’s stored at its recommended temperature, and since a car’s temp can vary widely, it’s best to make sure all medication is never stored in a vehicle, according to Reader’s Digest Writer Marissa Laliberte.

Carbonated drinks like your cola of choice can freeze and dangerously explode all over your car’s interior or trunk creating a sticky mess if left behind, according to Writer Christina Capatides.

Cold weather quickly zaps batteries; that’s why checking your car’s battery health is important especially before and during cold snaps; you never want to get stranded due to a dead battery no matter the weather. And if cold weather can zap the giant battery that powers your car, just think how quickly the batteries in your mobile device, tablet, and computer will die. Plus, leaving expensive and much-needed items like your cellphone and computer in your car, especially if you car is parked in the open, will grab the attention of thieves.

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You’ll have to do another grocery run if you leave your eggs to freeze and crack in a car, according to Writer Austin O’Connor, and be careful with musical instruments, which are exceptionally vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

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