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Download Mustang Owner App Today

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Mustang Owner app

Mustang Owner app home screen

Do you like Mustangs? Do you have a smartphone? If you answered no to either one of these, well, then you are probably not an American. If you answered yes/are American, then you’ll want to check out the Mustang Owner app.

Ford teamed with Tweddle to create the Mustang Owner app—available now for both Android and iOS devices—which gives those who own Mustangs the ability to see all of their pony’s features in one convenient, easy-to-read location. For those who don’t own Mustangs, the Mustang Owner app is a great way to see what you are missing out on.

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Mustang Owner App Screens

“Tweddle Group is pleased to be associated with such an iconic vehicle as the 2015 Ford Mustang, and is proud to have helped provide enthusiasts with information designed and delivered using innovative technology to maximize the ownership experience of this storied car,” said Andy Tweddle, CEO of Tweddle Group.

App content also includes trivia, wallpaper, and ringtones, as well as links to social media and places where you can buy Mustang-branded merch. Owners of 50 Year Limited Edition Ford Mustangs will get exclusive access to password-protected features that highlight the creation of the 2015 Mustang and celebrate half a century of America’s favorite pony car.

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Mustang Owner app“When it comes to new technology on Mustang, we focus on providing features the driver wants, and improving the driver’s experience behind the wheel,” said Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer. “Making key pieces of owner’s guide information available through the app is just one more great feature we’ve delivered to our customers.”

To get the app, search for “2015 Ford Mustang app” in either the App Store or Google Play.